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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Somewhat surprising, but The American Conservative has online GOP Must Go at It writes:

'There may be little Americans can do to atone for this presidency, which will stain our country's reputation for a long time. But the process of recovering our good name must begin somewhere, and the logical place is in the voting booth on November 7. If we are fortunate, we can produce a result that is seen -- in Washington, in Peoria, and in world capitals from Prague to Kuala Lumpur -- as a repudiation of George W. Bush and the war of aggression he launched against Iraq.'

Garrison Keillor in the Salt Lake Tribune writes:

The Current Occupant, who is two years and three months away from retirement, was quoted last week as saying, 'They can say what they want about me, but at least I know who I am, and I know who my friends are.' A pathetic admission of defeat for one who has owned all three branches of government for the past six years ---- did he seek power so that he could attain self-knowledge? If so, the price is too high. The beloved country endures a government that merges blithering corruption with murderous incompetence. .....Republicans haven't tolerated much dissent in their ranks, the voice of conscience has not been welcome......It's discouraging seeing so many people go so wrong all at once. It makes you question the idea that each of us has unlimited potential for good.'

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