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Sunday, November 19, 2006
In today's Boston Globe, the director for Electronic Journalism at The American University in Cairo, Lawrence Pintak, comments on America's Media Bubble.

'There used to be a time when the US media wrote the global narrative. The world saw itself through a largely American camera lens. No more. ........After five years of Sturm and Drang from the Bush administration about the evils of the Arab media, American officials still don't really get it. The genie is out of the lamp. News people abroad --- whether Arabs, Irish, or Zimbabweans --- do see the world and US policy, differently than their American counterparts. Their news organizations will report differently. It's a fact. .....American officials must engage, not demonize. They must find a way to communicate, not preach. But most of all, they must be aware that their every word and deed is being viewed real-time, often in a split screen showing the reality for folks at the receiving end of US policy.'

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