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Monday, November 05, 2007
There is a sign-up window on the upper right of the main page of His posts are too interesting to miss. His latest one --- Advice to a Young Builder in Tough Times - Imperial Opportunities Abound --- reveals how 'on the planet Americans are building up a storm.' First there is the 'mother of all embassies' in Baghdad which is meant to hold 1000 diplomats, spies and military types. About 70 kilometers north of Baghdad is Balad Air Base which is essentially an American small town. 'Camp Cupcake' another base in Iraq holds 17,000 people plus luxuries one doesn't normally associated with present living conditions in Iraq.

Of course, it isn't only bases Americans build around the world. A network of offshore prisons is soaking up millions of tax dollars. He points out how 95% of all foreign bases on this planet are US bases. The rest of the world is aware of this, but few Americans seem to be.

'The fact is: In Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, our garrisons regularly slip beneath the American radar. Think of it, perhaps, as a way to have our cake and eat it too. We manage to be an imperial presence on the planet without ever quite having to be reminded that we are part of an empire, an identification which rubs against the American grain.'

Thanks for the tip toward what looks on first read to be a very informative site! Instead of the mail though, I just added it to Google Reader. Updates the same!
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